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One a day every day 4 life!

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Good morning my peeps!

Welcome to my blog

#(One-A-Day every day for life! )#

The blog is about the art of impact painting.

What used impact painting?

Impact painting is the art of quick studies, done in 20 to 60 minutes; capturing a quick likeness of your subject. Impact painting is all about shapes and values.

Monotone study of shapes and values.

Impact monotone study of shapes and values.
Example of shapes and values.

Impact painting is broken down into four basic steps. Each step is anywhere between, 5 minutes to 15 minutes long, depending on the length of the impact you are doing.

Impact painting four steps are:

1. Shapes 5-15 min.

2. Dark's and shadows 5-15 min.

3. Background 5-15 min.

4. Highlights 5-15 min.

It is very important in the beginning, to set a timer and only work on each step doing the allotted time. If you haven't completed a step, you should still move on to the next step. To get the most out of this training activity you must have discipline.

Impact Painting Four Steps:

( Coffee Cup and Thangs )

That's all for now my peeps, give impact painting a try. It is a great exercise to help improve on your painting. Do one every day for a month, and you'll see a great improvement with your values and painting skills.

Please join me tomorrow for another, exciting impact painting thank you very much.

(OBD) Owen By Design

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